Axle arrangement: 2-8-2

Drive wheels diameter: 54 inches

Overall length: 76.67 feet

Maximum width: 11.07 feet

Maximum height: 15.46 feet

Total weight of the engine and tender in working order: 209 tons

Engine and tender empty: 139.6 tons

Engine alone: 101.4 tons

Tender alone: 38.22 tons

Fuel capacity: 17.6 tons of coal

Water capacity: 9,245 gallons

Maximum speed: 52.8 mph

Output at wheel rim: 2,770 horsepower

Working steam pressure: 200 psi

Stroke: 27.95 inches

Total wheel base: 33.4 feet

Rigid wheel base: 14.5 feet

Operating facts: The engine takes roughly six hours of start-up time when “cold” and about 2 hours when “warm”. The crew consists of 1 driver and 1 fireman. Each run consumes about 1,500 gallons of water, and less than 1 ton of coal. The cab temperature on a hot day can exceed 120 degrees F.