Volunteer Open House

Without our volunteers, our railroad and museum would be a very quiet place. Thanks to our amazing volunteers, the trains chug down the tracks, and the museum is a remarkable place. Just as the pandemic has impacted the labor pool for businesses, we have seen fewer volunteers here.
We need you to help us tell the story of railroading history. Our training program can help you learn how to do any task, from train operations or museum guide, to gift shop sales or equipment restoration. We have a place for you! On Saturday, July 9th, from 10am-12:45pm, we will be holding a New Volunteer Open House, where you can learn more about our organization and how to be our next amazing volunteer.
To register, send an email to Melissa (info@bsvrr.com) or call the office at 515-432-4249. We look forward to seeing you here!