JHAM Speaker Series continues with Dr. Rudy Daniels

Dr. Rudy Daniels

Dr. Rudy Daniels presents Steam Glory 101, Saturday, February 19th at 2 pm via ZOOM or attend live-in person, at the James H. Andrew Railroad Museum in Boone, Iowa.
Rudy’s free program will trace the evolution of the steam locomotive from its earliest experiments to the spectacular speedsters of the twentieth century. He will show how this technology developed into steam locomotives maintaining time-table speeds of over 100 mph while hauling mile-long freights up steep grades. The attendee won’t get lost in technical terminology, listing of steam pressures nor need an advanced degree in physics! This program is enjoyable for all steam locomotive lovers and those who want to love steam even more.
The steam locomotive is simple: place water in a sealed area, heat it to a boiling point, let the steam move down a tube into a cylinder, and let it push a piston back-and-forth which is attached to a wheel on a track. Voila! A steam locomotive! Don’t Miss this Special Event!
This event is partially sponsored by Humanities Iowa and the National Endowment for the Humanities and the Erickson Public Library in Boone. For ZOOM connection e-mail: mike@bsvrr.com.