Dr. Rudy Daniels to present “Riding the Orphan Trains”, Saturday, March 23

Orphan Trains were a unique American phenomenon. This program by Dr. Rudy Daniels explains why and how the movement started and the various agencies that sponsored the children. Ride with them on the various routes and on the different cars they occupied. Just as important, this program explains the various events that caused the orphan train phenomenon to end in the 1920’s. They were some of the parents and actual members of “the greatest generation”.

The program begins at 2 PM on Saturday, March 23 at the James H. Andrew Railroad Museum. Admission to the program is free. Guided tours of the museum are available, $8 for adults, $3 for children.

For more information, contact Museum Director Mike Wendel at 515-432-4249, 1-800-626-0319, or mike@bsvrr.com.

We hope to see you there!