2008 Preservation Projects

  • This spring, our steam locomotive, 8419, underwent not only the typical annual inspection, but also a five-year flexible stay-bolt inspection. This required the removal of much of the appliances, tinwork, and even the cab. This time also provided an opportunity to give 8419 a fresh coat of paint, complete with new decals.
  • Another intensive winter project was the restoration of our Alco RS-1. The locomotive required both mechanical and cosmetic work, and now is being used to pull our excursion trains from time to time.
  • South Shore coaches #38 and 39 were in the shop. 38 received some work in the way of new windows, a recoated roof, exterior painting, revamped electrical and a modern air brake system. 39 received similar work in the way of new windows, a recoated roof, and a modern air brake system.
  • Coach cars 3207 and 3213 were in the shop for the usual annual cleaning and maintenance, and also for brake work. The old UC-type brake system was removed and replaced with a modern AB-type system.
  • Side dump car #X504 was in the shop for annual testing and maintenance, along with some needed improvements.