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Al Harris & Tom Richards The Ballad of Kate Shelley
Al Harris & Tom Richards The Ballad of Kate Shelley

17 tracks, including the Boone & Scenic Valley Railroad's jingle.
  • Lonesome Train
  • The Boone & Scenic Valley Railroad Jingle
  • The Ballad Of Kate Shelley
  • The Cannonball
  • The Sun's Gonna Shine To My Backdoor Someday
  • Steaming Toward Tomorrow
  • Backtrackin'
  • Waiting For A Train
  • Mobile Line
  • Big Train (Song For Uncle Joe 1949)
  • Freight Train
  • Riding The Rails
  • Bumming Around
  • Ebenezer
  • You've Been A Friend To Me
  • The Boone & Scenic Valley Railroad Song
  • Steam On The Bridge
Big Boy Tours The Midwest
Running time 88 minutes (117 minutes with previews), narration on/off feature. © 2019 C. Vision Productions.

For the first time since 1961, Union Pacific’s Big Boy, number 4014 ran under its own power becoming the largest operational steam locomotive in the world in 2019. Big Boy has been on display in Pomona, California since 1961, but after an extensive rebuild years in the making, the Big Boy took off from Cheyenne, Wyoming in May 2019, to Utah to take part in the celebration of the 150th Anniversary of the Golden Spike.

As part of this historic event, Union Pacific took the Big Boy on a tour in July and August of 2019 in what was called "The Great Race Across the Midwest." C. Vision Productions covers a part of this tour from Mason City. Iowa, up to the Twin Cities, and Twin Ports in Minnesota, then through Wisconsin, down to Chicago, and across Illinois into Iowa. 16 videographers were on hand to document this giant locomotive from both the ground and the air!

As an added bonus, we also feature a chartered photo freight with restored Soo Line high hood GP7 number 559 on the Osceola and St Croix Railway in Minnesota and Wisconsin.

Two classic train locomotives provide great entertainment that you don't want to miss!
Boone & Scenic Valley RR DVD
Boone & Scenic Valley Railroad DVD
This 30 minute DVD from the producers of the popular PBS series "Great Scenic Railway Journeys" gives you a fascinating look at the Boone & Scenic Valley Railroad and James H. Andrew Museum. Historic photos, interviews with key figures in the formation of the railroad, behind the scenes footage, and interviews with passengers give you a feel for what makes a trip over Iowa's Scenic Line such a special experience.
California Zephyr Silver Thread through the West
Running time 60 minutes. © 2017 Kalmbach Publishing.

TRAINS magazine presents video producer Rich Luckin's documentary look at one of America's most famous passenger trains, the California Zephyr. Climb aboard the legendary Zephyr and experience the magic of this unique ride between Chicago and Oakland, California, with its spectacular stainless steel train, Rocky Mountain and Feather River Canyon scenery, and dome cars galore!
Chicago - America's Railroad Capital
Running time 60 minutes. © 2017 Kalmbach Publishing.

TRAINS magazine presents a look at the city at the heart of American railroading, where six Class I railroads and 25 percent of the nation's rail traffic converge. With Chicago's history, complex rail network. commute operations, and many train watching locations, America's Railroad Capital is a compelling location for anyone interested in today's railroading.
Fort Dodge, Des Moines and Southern 1950-1955
Running time 63 minutes. Color silent films with music and narration. © 2012 C. Vision Productions Incorporated on February 16th, 1906, the Fort Dodge, Des Moines & Southern Railway grew to become the longest interurban in Iowa. Its 85-mile long mainline from Des Moines to Fort Dodge ran through many farming communities and cities in central Iowa and was an important passenger route. Including its many branch lines, this railroad operated 147 miles of electrified trackage. In this presentation, the Late George Niles captures this fascinating railroad from the years 1950 to 1955. Take yourself back to a time period when this great electric interurban railroad ran several passenger car trains and freights. Not only will you see steeple-cab locomotives and interurban cars, but George's film camera also records other railroads this line encountered including the Rock Island and Chicago and North Western. You are also treated to the Fort Dodge Line trains crossing the High Bridge north of Boone and the Des Moines River bridges by the YMCA camp and south of Fort Dodge. As a bonus, we also share with you George's footage of other railroad action in and around Iowa including the Burlington, Rock Island and a charter with Chicago and North Western Steam locomotive #1353! If you are an interurban fan, you will be sure to enjoy this fascinating historic footage of the Fort Dodge, Des Moines and Southern!
Midwest Photo Freights
Running time 60 minutes. Wide Screen (16:9) format, HiFi Stereo Sound. © 2011 C. Vision Productions

Midwest Photo Freights: Your behind the scenes action of specialty train excursions! C. Vision Productions takes you on a journey of several photo freight events from 2008 to 2orn. Travel with us as we see the Burlington Northern SD-9 on the Osceola and St. Croix Valley Railroad in Wisconsin and Minnesota. We also feature Minnesota Transportation Museum's Great Northern Hustle Muscle SD-45 as it pulls a passenger train, along with the original Duluth, South Shore and Atlantic Alco RS-1 number 101 on the North Shore Scenic Railroad in Minnesota.

An excursion to Iowa allows us to capture images from a Minneapolis and St. Louis painted Alco RS-1 on the Boone and Scenic Valley Railroad.

Be prepared to go back in time as you see these awesome trains travel the rail lines. looking just the same as they did in their original days of service. Scenic locations. combined with striking locomotive paint schemes are sure to bring back memories of these fallen flag railroads in Midwest Photo Freights!
Midwest Regionals
Running time 108 minutes. Color, HiFi stereo sound, professional quality. © 2014 C. Vision Productions.

In the 1980s, the Midwest's rail scene was one of many colors and varieties. Not only were there several class one railroads, but regionals and short lines flourished as well. Videographer Bob Rivard spent days documenting four different regionals from the early 1980s to the early 1990s. This historic footage captures several sights and sounds you are sure to enjoy!

Starting on the Chicago Central and Pacific's Iowa Division, you will love the sound of big sets of first-generation EMD GP locomotives through the rolling landscape of western Illinois and eastern Iowa. Many trains are led with engines still wearing the original ICG paint scheme, along with CC&P red and some ex Milwaukee Road units. Then we head to central Iowa where Bob catches a Cedar Rapids and Iowa City train led with its attractive yellow and gray GP9's.

Before all the blue and gold SD40-2's, the Dakota Minnesota and Eastern rostered ex Chicago & North Western SD9's and Milwaukee Road SDlO's. We see several DM&E trains on the east end near Waseca and Owatonna, Minnesota.

Finally, we head to Wisconsin to see the Alco powered Green Bay and Western. Yard switching,
road trains and even a ride on the City of Midland 41 rail and car ferry across Lake Michigan are featured. You will love the sites and sounds of these Alco locomotives in several varieties moving across the Dairy State! So revisit the 1980's and 1990's with C. vision Productions to enjoy what regional railroading was like in this unique time era.
Super Chief - Speed - Style - Service
Running time 60 minutes. © 2017 Kalmbach Publishing.

TRAINS magazine presents documentary video producer Rich Luckin's complete story of the Santa Fe Railway's premier passenger train, hosted by television star Michael Gross. Between Chicago and Los Angeles, the Super Chief was the way to travel, with unparalleled luxury and magnificent Southwestern scenery. Join us for this trip back in time onboard the mighty Super Chief!
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