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Kate Shelley and the Midnight Express
Kate Shelley and the Midnight Express
By Margaret K. Wetterer, Paperback, 48 Pages

In this heroic tale, fifteen-year-old Kate risks her life in a storm to prevent a train disaster. Will she be able to cross the bridge to stop the midnight express in time?
My Kind Of Iowa
My Kind Of Iowa
175 Iowa Photographs by Chuck Hackenmiller, 81 Pages
Santa\'s Scenic Valley Ride
Santa's Scenic Valley Ride
By Misty McNally, Paperback, 30 Pages
The Great Railroad War
The Great Railroad War
152 Pages, 6" x 9" Softcover, By Rudy Daniels World War I was the first worldwide conflict of its kind, requiring mass mobilizations at unrivaled levels. Tasked to move troops, equipment, ammunition, and supplies around the clock, American railroads were pushed to the precipice of failure. Despite the difficulties, American railroads and railroaders had a profound impact on the war effort. This book is the story of the unpreparedness of the railroads for an unprecedented war, the 1918 government takeover to ensure safety and peak operating efficiency, and the subsequent relinquishment of the railroads with the groundbreaking Transportation Act of 1920. Daniels discusses the operational details of United States rail shipments both at home and abroad, and how these operations interplayed and overlapped with military operations in France and Russia. Experience the unsung war of the twentieth century - The Great Railroad War. "Dr. Daniels...sheds light on an important yet long-neglected chapter in American railroad history, the complexities and implications of which are as current as today's political controversies and headlines....Dr. Daniels has turned a spotlight on America's railroads under government control during a time of war." - Jim Porterfield, Author of Dining By Rail "A must-read for military historians and railroad enthusiasts alike!" - Mike Wendel, Director of the James H. Andrew Railroad Museum & History Center
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