The Wizarding Express

All aboard the Wizarding Express train! Wizards, witches and non-magic alike
(students and alumni) are cordially invited to book your ticket for Sunday, August 25th
when the train departs from Platform 8-3/4 to Rivertracks School of Witchcraft and

Dress in your best Wizarding robes and join us for this fantastic half-day experience!
You will find classrooms, food and beverage vendors, photo ops and fun activities at
both the depot and Rivertracks. But please bring non-magic money (cash) for your
feasts as we can’t rely on the non-magic interspace connections at Rivertracks.

  • Your ticket includes: Free classrooms, crafts, games, photo opportunities and activities
    courtesy of the Greater Des Moines Y-Camp, Boone County Conservation, Ericson
    Public Library and Iowa PBS STEAM trailer and Boone & Scenic Valley Railroad. Total
    of one (1) hour ACTUAL train ride, complete with two (2) hour stop at Rivertracks
    School. Plan on spending four (4) hours with us in order to experience all there is to
  • There are air-conditioned buildings and restrooms at both locations.
  • If you cannot or are unsure about joining us at Rivertracks, please book the 10 o’clock
    train as that will go directly back to the depot without booked students. You may of
    course choose to stay. However, once the train departs you must remain. Do note that if
    you choose not to visit Rivertracks, your ticket price remains the same.
  • There are strict spells in place that will not allow visitors to Rivertracks apart from the
    train. In other words, you cannot and may not visit Rivertracks by broom or non-magic
    contraption (vehicle). This will be enforced.
  • All food, beverage, candies and gift shop items are for purchase.
  • If you’d rather join us as a volunteer, volunteer opportunities will be made available in
    July. Please call the depot and leave your contact information. The sign up and
    opportunity sheet will be forwarded to you.
  • If you would like to be placed in the selection process for the quidhoop tournament, you
    will need to fill out a waiver (may pick up with your tickets upon arrival).

Disclaimer: This Is a fan based event and Is not licensed by, sponsored by or associated with Warner Bros., J.K. Rowling, or their afflllates.